Friday, September 7, 2012

Imagination and the Man in the Moon

If someone tells you there is a Man in the Moon your imagination can run with it....

Sometimes it can take on nightmare flights of imagination, running to the Man in the Moon?

Kopiha Vasan @ has posted an interview with me, check it out, and have a look at her work. She is working toward her interest in watercolour and fashion illustration.

I am putting together a portfolio for an illustration group and need to choose 12 images from my children's illustration, if anyone wants to give me feedback on which 12 to include I will draw a name from the responses and send you a print.
I am having a hard time deciding on which to include and which to exclude! And I have to get it organized post haste. I would appreciate your help!


Giggles said...

Mr Bears Easter
Red bike
Racing boy and girl rockers
A little bird was the messenger
Rain spring umbrella
sisters walking in the snow
Dastardly duo
Scattered seeds
Twirls Mr bear
Boys at play
first day of school
Holding hands
A kernel of truth Kiss a frog

Scattered thoughts

I picked my favorite 15 and then added scattered thoughts and highlight because I love them too...the emotion and movement in your work is really amazing...good luck!!

Hugs Giggles

carol l mckenna said...

Wow! Loving your art work ~ beautiful and loving ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Catherine Luce said...

Love how you've painted the background, very nice dreamy feeling

Marji said...

Children make such wonderful subjects. You have captured them so nicely. Happy PPF

cathyb said...

Love your work - i think I had dropped by before but I was on pinterest again and I had pinned some of your work - now that I saw it again I had to come by and see more!

ANNE said...

Beautiful, I love the colours and the movement in the second piece particularly.

Carolyn Dube said...

You've captured the wonder in children when they gaze at the moon so beautifully!

aimee said...

these are precious paintings!

Natasha said...

These are beautiful paintings. I love the one of the little girl running. Good luck with assembling your portfolio. :)

Jane Wetzel said...


Lynn Cohen said...

Though both of these are very very good I like the second one of the girl skipping perhaps? looking up at the moon!

Charming art work.


Melisa said...

Adorable! Good luck with the illustration group. I won't try to help you choose because I am the world's worst at making decisions. I'd be asking for help, too. :)

Catharine said...

Thanks for your comments I'm going to take a week to decide what to add to the portfolio. If anyone wants to add a favourite?

Mary C. Nasser said...

Congratulations on your interview!
Loving your moon portraits! Perfect with the blue moon we just had. :)
Happy PPF!!
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