Sunday, November 10, 2013

Winter Color

Bouquet in season, lots of berries for the birds, maybe a Christmas Card? More seasonal than last week :)
A stretch for Illustration Friday Energy challenge but....berries are food for birds therefore their energy source!


Giggles said...

Just gorgeous Cathrine!! It would make a lovely Christmas card!

Hugs Giggles

Anne Manda said...


Catherine Constance said...

Always love your watercolours...gorgeous painting :)

Astera said...

Love how much color nature provides us even in winter. It would definitely work great as a Holiday card. Maybe you could arrange these flowers to spell "Joy" like you did previously?

Ilona Heimböckel said...

Very beautiful painting!
Happy PPF

Alexandra said...

Forgive me for my late reply. I've been terribly swamped on this end. :)

I was thrilled to see you post again. I just love your work and it's incredibly inspiring to me.


Hirondelle said...

beautiful painting! Definitely a good Christmas card!

Catharine said...

Thanks for all your comments! Been busy getting ready for Island illustrators show. Christmas card in the works :)