Monday, July 22, 2013

Garden/House excuses.....

Gardening like mad, cutting flowers for the local market + road side stand + working full time.....Not so much time for painting. We have also started painting our living room (white over dark wood) I am speckled! Very stinky primer.

 Our days are filled with watering & weeding but also with starting to eat from the garden not all flowers.

 The sweet peas have hit 7 feet tall fronted by lilies starting to open.
 Growing some yard long beans as well.
 First of the tomatoes
Cosmos and sunflowers just getting going. In the birdhouse lots of activity.
I'm very grateful for a deer fence this year what a difference!
So I am wishing for painting time....but for now it is mostly of the house painting variety! I am so thankful to have a house to paint though it be old and always in need of something fixing :)


Alexandra MacVean said...

Wow, what an amazing garden! Is that you?! Lovely and pretty. :) I love your painting. The purple is such a perfect color for watercolor painting.

Abby / Linda said...

Gorgeous painting and gorgeous garden! I'm so jealous--I just have a few pots on my patio, but my tomatoes are about the same stage as your are!

Catharine said...

Thanks for your comments, the tomatoes can't ripen fast enough for me!
That is me in my library duds with gumboots on just quickly getting some flowers together :)
Loving the wonderful summer weather & trying to decide on a final paint colour.