Thursday, January 10, 2013

Art & Artisaway

Do you see the word? 
Art is a way challenge to play with the word art. Elsa Mora art blogs, magical paper art, painting and more. Check it out!
I agree with the philosophy that art is far more than decoration, we had the  opportunity to go to William Kurelek's retrospective at the Greater Victoria Art Gallery this past year. It was a moving exhibit of how an amazingly talented mans life was saved by art.
If you want a fun and terrific read try Where'd You Go, Bernadette?   In which not to quote is some dialogue: Get Creating otherwise you will be a menace to society. I believe this true, in William Kurelek's case after a break down in his early 20's art therapy was one of the things that saved and dramatically changed his life.
Art does us all good :)


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Elsa Mora said...

Dear Catharine,
You're such a gifted artist. Your watercolor creations seem to be alive and breathing. Seeing your ART word so carefully and beautifully painted is moving. Thanks a lot for participating in the Art is a Way challenge. Wishing you a 2013 full of inspiration and creativity!
Elsita :)