Friday, July 13, 2012

Lost on the wind

Lost on the wind,

Grass seeds  floating

all around.

Haven't quite got

these out of my

system yet.
  Maybe I should add some flowers or other weeds 

(the thistles are getting huge!)
Original Watercolours. Lost, floating and flying


Deborah Verhoeven said...

Those are beautifully detailed paintings! Wow!

Diane ~ said...

Gorgeous! i Love the color, detail and delicacy of these paintings! such wonderful artistry! thank you for entering the IA challenge! :)

Viola said...

It's amazing how you can draw these and so lovely painted! This is something I haven't tried..

Little City Farm said...

Oh wow, these are beautiful. As Diane mentioned, they look so delicate. Lovely.

Catharine said...

Thanks for positive feedback. I have really enjoyed painting these delicate shapes.

Lou Anne Hazel said...

Your paintings are beautiful. I have a soft spot in my heart for thistles and yours are really wonderful.

Catilustre said...

very beautiful too! so fragile and natural!